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3 Amigos Montreal


There is always that safe Mexican restaurant that you find and are not afraid to go to when you’re looking to change-up your taste buds. This is where 3 Amigos comes into play, located Downtown Montreal. It’s a staple of Mexican food in the city that doesn’t have much competition of their kind. Some good drinks and decently priced food make this restaurant an attractive spot for anyone. We recently visited 3 Amigos for dinner and had a few thoughts about our meal experience. It was only a matter of time before M4N had their say about this Mexican hot spot.


We went to the location on a Wednesday night which was their $9.95 Fajitas night. There was no line up to get in even with this promotion going on. We have heard of horror stories of people trying to go eat at this place and the lineup is out the door and you have to wait in the cold. We walked in and within minutes we were at ours seats in the back of the restaurant. They had seated us right next to the kitchen and in a high traffic area. It seemed like every 30 seconds there was someone passing our table. It wasn’t too annoying but would have been nice to sit somewhere with a little less action. We were greeted by our server in a timely manner and had some water on the table with chips and salsa right away. They knew it was prime time and our waiter was on his game. We started looking through the menu and started to enjoy ourselves. The atmosphere at 3 amigos is always fun and festive, it looked like everyone around us was having a good time and enjoying their food. This restaurant is always good for bigger groups as there is music playing and people chatting making it a good time. We were doing the same thing and it came time to order our food. We ordered some Chicken Nachos for an appetizer and some Fajitas and Enchiladas for our main meal. The Chicken Nachos were on our table within 15 minutes of ordering our food and we started to dig in. There wasn’t much Chicken on the nachos to be honest but was loaded with other stuff like peppers, jalapenos, and cheese. The nachos were hot and fresh which was nice and served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole. It would have been nice to have more chicken on those nachos but over all we were satisfied with them.
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The nachos were on our table fast but then the meals seemed to take forever. We were sitting there wondering where they had to go to make our meal. It was a promotional night for fajitas but you would think they would be making them nonstop and that wouldn’t slow things down. It took almost 30 minutes for our food to get to our table and the appetizers didn’t help pass that much time. With our location in the restaurant being right next to the kitchen, you cannot say they forgot about us either. After a little wait and some wondering what was taking so long, our food arrived. The fajitas sizzling like always when they were placed at our table and our meals were ready to be ingested and enjoyed. Right away, you could taste the strips of beef in our mouths and they were easy to chew. The food was hot right through and the presentation was good. There was nothing special about how it looked, but nothing wrong with it either. The sides of our meal were rice, salad and beans which was a nice Spanish touch. The beans are almost fried on the plate it seems and were good but the rice and salad was disappointing. The rice seems like it comes out of a scoop from a big bowl on a hot plate in the back. The salad came in a little tortilla bowl which you could eat as well but the salad dressing was hiding within the salad. You really want to focus on the food though as the main course is what makes the meal. The strips of beef in a tortilla covered in cheese are enough to win anyone over. The fajitas were just as good and you cannot say they didn’t cook them. Overall the meal was good and almost worth the wait.




This isn’t a 5 star restaurant so you cannot expect that as well. 3 Amigos really pushes the fun atmosphere where you go to hang out with friends, have a drink and some Mexican food. For these 3 points, they do it well. The drinks are massive, the food is decent though we’ve heard some stories and the price is ok. For the 3 of us with an appetizer, 3 dishes and drinks, the bill was in the $75 range which isnt bad. You’re looking at a $30 meal with tip per person. This isn’t bad for what we ordered and what we received. Sure the main meal took awhile to come to us but this is where 3 Amigos hopes you sit back and enjoy yourselves as you wait, maybe also order a second round and help increase their profits. The only way to know if you will like their food and atmosphere is by trying it out. We suggest to give it a try and to go with a good group of friends. You will have a good time. If it’s someone’s birthday, they will also give you a sombrero! M4N.co approved!

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