Burger Bar – Crescent St. Montreal

Burger Bar Montreal


I have to give credit to one of our pals here for finding a pretty decent burger joint on Crescent St. in Montreal. The Burger Bar restaurant is located right in the middle of the downtown district and has the vibe and burgers to make a lasting impression on us. We checked out this place all together one night and it now has become one of our favorite places to meet up and have a bite to eat. We just couldn’t get over this place from the service to the food, it was a great eat. For a burger joint, you walk in wondering if you’re in the right place, middle of the clubs and you have restaurant. Once you get comfortable though, you might not leave anytime soon! That is if you like some really delicious burgers.



To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from a Burger place on Crescent St. you would think that the food would be put together nice and fast. I wouldn’t blame them, anything tasteless works at 3 am when people don’t remember what they are eating to begin with. This is not the case with Burger Bar. You can tell they take the time to make the order right and have a classy venue to do so. The food I ordered was presented in a simple and classy manner. I ordered the Big Bad Blue Burger which comes with blue cheese, in case you couldn’t get that from the name. The burger was really good, a little messy and that is just the way I like it. It came with the choice of regular fries, sweet potato fries or coleslaw. I took the sweet potato fries of course which were cooked well and crispy.



The food didn’t take long to be cooked and brought to our table which was nice to see. The restaurant is pretty small but cozy so getting our food took little time from when it was ready. The burger its self was pretty big but after I squashed it together, it just fit into my mouth and made the experience that much better. Compared to some other local burger joints like Burger De Ville and Five Guys, this place has the atmosphere for a hangout. Burger Bar stands out by being a place you can go have some drinks and enjoying a classy burger and you’re in the heart of Montreal. They only had one big screen TV though which makes watching a game or an event there difficult but this is a good place to just chill out and have a few drinks with your pals. They also have a terrace that overlooks the busy nightlife street which could also be a big difference maker in choosing restaurants, this of course only matters during the summer months thanks to the lovely winter we get!



The only real complaint about the food was the sweet potato fries. They were good but there was not much of them. Other than the sweet potato fries though and for a higher end burger joint, this place gets it right. The price is not something we would complain about but it’s something to point out. While it’s not crazy expensive, going to any restaurant on this street will obviously be a little more expensive than something down the road due to its location. I ordered a spiked milkshake and a soda with my meal and the bill was roughly 30$ without tip. This wasn’t that bad for a night out with friends but wouldn’t be something I do on a consistent basis, or maybe just cut out a milk shake or a drink and the price can start to be realistic. It’s always a nice place to have a catch up with friends and we highly recommend checking it out!

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