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Coming from Montreal to New York City, we always hear about New York Style Cheesecake and how it is such a unique thing. We figured the only way to find out what this cheesecake hype was all about is to try it ourselves. While we were cruising around the island on our recent trip to the big apple, we started to Google top 10 Cheesecake places in NYC. We had previously attempted this on a past trip to New York City but we were told we would have to go to Brooklyn to get some good cheesecake. How is New York Style Cheesecake a thing but not a tourist trap? Once we pulled up this list on Google though, the top 10 placed were all located in Manhattan and this lead to our mouths watering. The number 1 place on the list was called the ChikaLicious Dessert Bar which sounded girly yet interesting. We made our way over and we were ready to be blown away by this famous style of dessert.


We didn’t read the description about the place as we were overly excited but figured if it was number 1 on a list for Cheesecake; it had to be some amazing place. We passed by ChikaLicious and found the location which looked small from the road but maybe that was a part of the experience. We found parking close by and walked over to the Dessert Bar with a smile on our face knowing we were about to get some real dessert. We looked inside and the thoughts of a dessert bar in our head were washed away quick. The location was all white, clean-looking and small. The host approached us as soon as we entered and sat us down in our spot, there had to be room for no more than 15 people. We had a few brief moments of doubt about the place but figured since we were already siting down, so why not go through with this and try out the best cheesecake on the island of New York City. It was a nice place though, clean and simple and the chefs prepare the desserts right in front of you. This wasn’t our idea of somewhere the best cheesecake would be made but hey what do we know?
We looked over the menu of Desserts and this place was more complicated than we expected. We ordered the Cheesecake which was listed as Fromage Blanc Island “Cheese Cake” and every dessert on the menu had a wine mixed in. Once we ordered, we took in the sights and the bigger sight of the chefs making the food right next to us. This was a nice touch as you can see what they’re preparing and how. We watched them work for a few moments then noticed that they were cutting these little white squares using an old cut credit card as a reference for width. I guess someone didn’t pay their bill but why would they use something that could be so dirty. Sure we’re guessing they cleaned it off and such but there has to be something a little more kitchen friendly that can do that job. It took about 10 minutes before our host came over and handed us a small bowl. We weren’t sure what was going on so far as this didn’t look like Cheesecake. What they had prepared us was Vanilla Sorbet on cut grapes as an appetizer. Well that was cool, we came in for cheesecake and that was going to be our main meal. After we finished that up, we sat back to take in that interesting appetizer that and wonder what was next.


chikalicious chef

We were sitting there watching the chef’s work and one of them started to blend some ice together while another was working on these white squares still. They were making a lot of them but who knows why; maybe they had a big order to fill. After the ice was finished blending, we could see our Cheesecake being put together. There was no crust and it was just a ball of cheesecake filling in a small bowl with a milky liquid covering it. There was a plate of ice holding up the small bowl to keep the cheesecake cold while you eat it. This was great presentation for the cheesecake and surely made it unique. We jumped right into the main course and it was light. The spoon had no problem cutting right through the cheesecake and it was like eating a cloud from heaven. We could understand why this was rated number 1 now. It took us about 5 minutes to finish the bowl of cheesecake filing and it was good. From being light and creaming, this was some unique cheesecake that others cannot match. The whole meal was well done from the food quality to the presentation. We really enjoyed it and the meal didn’t leave us overly full or bloated. That’s a good thing though as there was still one more course to our meal. After the host cleared up our plates, they then returned with dessert. Who has ever had Dessert Dessert? Well we did for the first time and it was a great concept. The dessert came with 2 coconut marshmallow squares, a warm chocolate filling on a tart and little cake squares. They were all finger foods at this point but it left a lasting impression on us. We finished them up and felt like we went through a truly unique experience just for cheesecake.


chikalicious dessert
The bills came shortly after our Dessert Dessert and it was the price of a full meal at $16 each and it was worth it. We really appreciated the experience at the Dessert Bar and we heard about their Dessert Club across the street which we might just have to try our next time in NYC. It’s not your conventional cheesecake though. This is something to note as while this was fun and a good meal, it left us craving cheesecake that we were used to. We wanted a slice of cheesecake and not a meal of it. The lack of a satisfied craving and the odd use of a credit card to prepare food with were our only complaints about ChikaLicious. We expected to walk into a chic bakery but instead had an intimate dessert experience. The price was a little steep for the meal but it’s something you have to try at least once while in New York City.
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