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Being in the middle of Time Square can leave you hungry and looking for options. We found this out on our last trip to New York City and wanted to refuel. We wanted to try something new and something that wasn’t a big franchise like Olive Garden, Red Lobster or Bubba Gump Shrimp. We walked down 42nd street and looked at our options. There were so many different franchises that we’ve already tried so pickings were slim. We seen a sign for Dallas BBQ which wasn’t something we had before and looked interesting. As it turns out this restaurant is a franchise but something new never hurt. It was late and we were hungry, so why not try some good old fashion BBQ Ribs.
We arrived at the restaurant around 9 pm and when we walked into the doors, there was a line of people waiting but we were told to walk straight ahead up the escalators. We weren’t sure what was really going on but the hosts kept moving us. Once we were at the top of the escalator the next host told us to go to the desk which was fine and seemed somewhat normal. When we arrived there, she pointed to the next host…this was getting old fast. We understand that it’s Time Square and guiding traffic is needed to keep your location running smooth but we were like cows in a herd, all we were missing is the branding. Luckily the next host for us was the final one who brought us to our table. We sat down and were given our menus. That odd process was over and it was finally time to get to our meal. They really don’t give you the chance to check out the restaurant to debate if you would like to eat there or not which is a good thing for them but bad for those who might want to see what the place is about before settling in.

The Menu had plenty of choices and the prices were decent for a restaurant in Time Square. After our ride to New York City and checking out the scenery, we were pretty hungry. We decided to get Appetizers with our meal as well. We ordered Crab Cakes and Chicken Wings for our starters as well as a soda. The drinks arrived within decent times and were in plastic chalice style cups, we tried not to laugh at this too much but went with it. This just didn’t suit the whole BBQ theme, well at least to BBQ’s we’ve been to.  After about 15 minutes, our wonderful appetizers arrived and to mixed feelings. The Chicken wings were breaded and full of sauce which was nice. They were a meal in themselves and for the price, that wasn’t a bad thing. As for the Crab Cakes though, it was a different story. They were more like Crab Balls that were fried and not worth it at all. For $9.99, this was a waste of an appetizer. Not to mention that the spicy mayo they give you was enough for maybe 3 of these so-called crab balls. It was just the biggest disappointment but we still had the main meal coming up and hopefully that would turn things around.

Dallas BBQ Crab Cakes

After our appetizers plates were taken away, our meal followed shortly after. The food didn’t really take that long which is nice for such a busy city. One thing we did notice though is how much of a mess the servers made when cleaning up plates and moving things around. There was 2 occasions while we were sitting down where servers dropped something on the ground. We were in the restaurant for roughly 50 minutes and issues like this must affect the bottom line.  We observed little things in the restaurant as we were waiting like how the whole restaurant is wide open and you’re sitting on an inside balcony. You could pretty much look around and see every patron while waiting for your food. There was also a party atmosphere going on like a lounge in some parts of the balcony.  This could be a little concerning to the family guests.

Now onto the main course, where we both ordered the Bar-B-Q Baby Back Ribs since this place is supposed to be southern BBQ. We really didn’t know what to expect when it came to the ribs. The plates arrived and it looked good. The rack of ribs was about 10 inches long by 5 inches wide. They were all covered in sauce and we couldn’t wait to dig in and try them. The ribs came with a piece of cornbread and fries or salad. We started to use our fork to try to separate the meat from the bones and it wasn’t working. It was time to get our hands dirty to get our food. We started picking them apart and eating it. The Ribs were good but could have been better. The meat wasn’t tender as it seems they were overcooked. It wasn’t to the point where it took away from the flavor but just the fact that you really had to pry to get the meat off the bones and chew your food. We went through all the napkins and wet naps on the table and that is half the fun with ribs. We finished most of our food and threw in the dirty towel.
Dallas BBQ was an interesting choice for Time Square. It is something different then all those popular franchises that pay big money for prime locations. We enjoyed the fact that we could walk right in, regardless if it was in a herd line or not, and get a seat. The setup of the venue is questionable as the wide open atmosphere makes you feel like just a number in the restaurant. The food quality just wasn’t there to make us return to this restaurant. There is so much competition in this area where you really have to find something to make you stand out. The lack of waiting isn’t enough for a place to stand out and with the disappointments in food, this isn’t somewhere we would choose to return before other locations.


Restaurant Name: 

Dallas BBQ – Time Square

Restaurant Address: 

2160 Bartow Avenue, Bronx, NY 10475
(Located at Bay Plaza Center)


No waiting time, just walked in


Food wasnt what we wanted or not prepared right

M4N Final Rating: 


Final Thoughts: 

Try it once to see if it’s your thing but don’t expect anything other than standard food and service!
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