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If there is one thing Montreal needs more of, its burger joints. Another Burger place in Montréal is the American franchise called Five Guys that we tried previously. The name is based off the owner and his sons working in the restaurant located in Arlington Virginia and they started to expand. We decided to give it a try and see what they were all about. When it comes to Burgers and Fries, there isn’t much you could do wrong. We went in with an open mind and came out with a full stomach and needed some time to think. Would the double burgers, spicy fries and endless fountain drinks be enough to satisfy us this time around? Let’s find out.

We walked in and ordered the small burger as the normal burger is a double. That already made us happy to knowing ahead of time what the regular was. There were a wide variety of toppings to choose from like A1 sauce or grilled mushrooms which made our mouths water. We ordered our burger and also the Cajun style fries as this style of fries is unheard of up here. We heard about their fries were and how they put so many with your order, so we had to test it out. We ordered our meal and in total it was around $12.00 which included a large drink. The reason we jumped right into our order is because as soon as you walk in, the line leads right to the cash register. Five Guys makes subtle lines with bags full of peanuts to help guide you to the cash. It’s a smart idea and it makes sure that you don’t get lost in the process.
We waited for roughly 5 minutes until we had our food and watched them pack the fries. They give you your order in a paper bag and it was crazy how much fries were inside the bag. The fill your bag of fries up with 2 scoops of fries than add another scoop in the bag. Talk about overkill! We filled our drinks and took a seat on one of the bar stools located throughout the joint. It was time to rip open the bag and dig into this food. The burger was messy as soon as we unwrapped it. The burger was really good though and we would give it an 8/10, it was really well done. You cannot complain about the toppings as it’s something you choose but without prior warning, you may miss a topping or 2. We finished the burger before touching anything else but the real challenge was the fries. When they say Cajun spice, they mean it. The fries were spicy but it’s a spicy that doesn’t hit you at first. We are glad that the drinks were unlimited as eating these fries will leave you thirstier then before you started. We had a few complaints that the fries were not double fried like other places around Montreal but a soft fry with these spices were perfect for us to enjoy. We could not finish all the fries though as it was just way too much for us to eat. We gave up, refilled our drink twice while we were there and left. This meal hit the spot.

The interior of the restaurant was nice with the classic American fast food restaurant vibe. All white with red tiles made it have that classic route 66 style and was welcoming in the area it was located in. The building stands out compared to the area around it as it all grey, old and gloomy. When you get inside though, it’s like a transformation of gloomy to classic. We were a little thrown off with the peanut bags creating a walk way as it just makes the restaurant look dirty. That was our first impression when walking in but the food saved it for us. As we continued to go back though, it became more of a standard and we’ve learnt to get over it.

So in the end we could see ourselves ending up at this place again as it has some really good burgers and for the price you pay, they are worth it. You cannot get good fries like this anywhere else and the Cajun spice is rare in these northern parts. The burger was really good and unlimited drinks make this place a hotspot for us. The interior could use some changing around but it also grows on you as you go back. We would give the restaurant 8.5 out of 10 and recommend any burger fan to check it out and have a good meal. You will leave full, happy and glad you took the time to stop and try out Five Guys.

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