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House of Blues Downtown Disney


One of the restaurants that stood out to us during a trip to Florida was The House of Blues which is located in Downtown Disney. A blues themed restaurant which is dark on the inside but the food is lovely and so is the décor. From items hanging on the walls to the wood tables and booths, it makes you feel like you are sitting in New Orleans and eating your meal. This is something close to Disney’s style with the décor that is so well done you would think you’re at the actual location. It was something new and fresh that we haven’t tried to we thought it would be the perfect place to have lunch.

We walked in for lunch and really didn’t know what to expect in terms of food or service. One thing that stood out to us was their appetizers. Everyone now offers cheese and spinach dip but the one at the house of blues has to be one of the best ones yet. The cheese dip was grinded up and not baked which made it more of mush than a hot liquid mess. We really enjoyed it and it impressed us as it was something different then what we have had in the past. The House of Blues really just 1 up the competition here. Our main dish for lunch was a blue cheese burger which was not that bad at all. The burger was just right and the cheese was not to overbearing for the burger. Sometimes when you order a blue cheese burger, all you can taste is the cheese and you’re not able to actually enjoy the meat. This burger had the perfect mixture of the two. The best part of the meal though was our choice of changing our fries to sweet potato fries. Those fries are just so great it makes your meal complete. A lot places have started to offer sweet potato fries but not all places can cook them right. A lot of times we find that they are overcooked or have no taste. That wasn’t the case here as they were done just right, crispy and sweet. Not a bad lunch at all!


The great part of the meal and restaurant was the price. Food down south is so cheap it makes us wonder what we are paying some much extra up here for. Our meal was less than $10.00 with a drink and the price really helps when it’s a good meal, it makes it feel like you’re stealing the meal. The House of Blues also hosts concerts and is co-founded by none other than Dan Aykroyd, the Blues Brother himself. It was nice place to eat and we are sure it would be a nice place to see a concert. The only downfall to our experience here was the service. Our waiter seemed uninterested and rushed which just threw us off but the food and price made us over look this. We went at lunch time during the week, there was maybe 1 other table to be hosted and there was no reason for the bad service. With the food and price being so cheap, people tend to be more leant with tips. This waitress missed the golden opportunity that’s for sure.

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