International Women’s Day – Women who inspire me

International women’s day isn’t about bashing men and blaming them for past issues of sexism, it’s about standing united WITH men, claiming our rights as equals. A lot of times, women claim this day as a day where we take a stand AGAINST men, but no, we are simply taking a stand.

These women didn’t necessarily change any laws or fight any wars, although that’s not necessarily what we need right now as a younger generation. What we seem to need the most are strong, courageous role models. So for international women’s day, I chose to honor the women that inspire me the most.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, mother of 6, underwent a preventive double mastectomy after finding out she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer. Having several family members passing away from cancer, she decided to undergo the surgery in order to protect herself, and most importantly, the mother of her children from having the same outcome as her family members. After having had the surgery, she now only has a 5% chance of developing cancer.

This generated awareness towards breast cancer to the public and just knowing that someone famous, especially someone famous for their sex-appeal, has the strength and courage to undergo such a drastic change to her body. She has been, and will continue to be a great source of inspiration for women, young and old, all around the world.


Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler, the creator of the ‘Vagina Monologues’ is to me, and should be to many girls, a huge role model for exposing your femininity. She is all about being a woman and helping others not be afraid to be proud of being women! After creating her slightly risqué monologue, she got everyone’s attention and saw it as the perfect time to create a movement called V-Day.

V-Day is a movement to end violence against women and girls. It has raised over 100 million dollars and raised an immense amount of awareness about the subject. The topic of women’s violence seems so taboo that, for a victim, it seems hard, even impossible to talk about it and to get help. This is what Eve Ensler is trying to change. She is changing the fact that women are so scared to talk about their sexuality, especially when it involves violence.


Rachel Maddow

The last woman is Rachel Maddow. You may have seen her on her show, The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. Or, like me, you may have heard about her on the news. She is a huge inspiration to me confidence-wise, and you’ll understand why if you check out her videos on or see her show on MSNBC. There are so many reasons why she is someone young girls should aspire to be like, but the main reason is her confidence in her own knowlege. She speaks with certainty and rebuttles with confidence. One of my favorite debates involves her (openly gay) debating against anti-gay Christians.


So there you have it. Those are the women that inspire me the most. And for international women’s day, I hope everyone, men and women, get inspired by some courageous women out there, whether it be people you know personally or well-known faces.

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