Kia And Adriana Lima Say Futball

If you ever want you car brand to get attention during the World Cup, these commercials should be your template. For the first commercial, Adriana Lima shows up on a football field, yes we said that right, football field driving a Kia Optima and shows some leg getting out of the car and walking up to the football team. She drops the official 2014 Adidas soccer ball and says in her country this is Futball and nails a kick. Not bad as this babe in a dress can sure make soccer look really good. Now if only this girls would show up while we played some sport, please?

The other 2 commercials are similar in fashion as Lima shows up to change the channel from Nascar or Baseball to Soccer and just says Futball. These commercials are more awkward then Landon Donovan getting left off the team but gets the point across of trying to get American viewers to watch the upcoming World Cup from Brazil. The first game is coming up shortly so get those jerseys ready. We hope these classic soccer commercials keep coming!

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