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Pasticceria Rocco

On our quest for real New York Style Cheesecake, we made one more stop after the ChikaLicious experience. We wanted real cheesecake, the old fashion kind that people have known and loved for years. So with a full tank of gas, it was time to search out the city and find this cheesecake. We looked at our list of cheesecake locations and after the next choice was closed, we ended up at Pasticceria Rocco which was a good old fashion bakery. This is what we were expecting the first time around but hey, perfection has to be found. We made our way over to Pasticceria Rocco and had high expectations and hoped that we weren’t walking into another trap. Glad we were right this time around.

We walked into the Bakery and knew right away that we were in the right place this time but the same question remained, how as the cheesecake? We looked at their display that had all different types of cheesecake, New York Style, Strawberry, and a fruit Cheesecake. The price for a slice was $6.50 or the whole cake for $25. We wanted 2 pieces but at $25 for the whole thing, we couldn’t refuse. We ordered the whole cake to go and thing worked out just the way we were hoping. The server started to wrap up the cake for us. We asked for some plastic forks, knives and plates as we would be eating this on the go but they only had forks and wax paper. This kind of stunned us for a moment as what type of bakery wouldn’t have these kinds of items handy? They offer a takeout menu so people have to ask for them sometimes, we couldn’t be the only crazy people on the island. We just wanted the cheesecake though and took whatever they had.

The server was very polite and tried to help us as much as he could. We ordered the cake, it was prepared and paid for within 5 minutes and we were out the door with a smile on our face. We just had to try this cheesecake though to see if this was a waste of time or if we’ve been missing out since now. Sure enough, after the first bite of the cheesecake we were in love. The cheesecake was just so smooth, creamy and soft. We haven’t had cheesecake like this before and it will be tough to have something better than that. We wanted to take our time eating it to make sure we didn’t rush through it and have nothing left. Wow this was the best cheesecake we could have had and our craving for cheesecake was finally satisfied. Now what are we going to do when we want some again? It’s a long drive back.

This was a true bakery and if everything was as good as their cheesecake, we understand why this place was busy. It was a Sunday night but you wouldn’t have been able to tell. Pasticceria Rocco will be on our list of stops next time we are in New York City as these cheesecake made our day and our trip to New York City. Simple old fashion cheesecake and it was done right. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and helped with our order, making the process smooth. The only thing we didn’t understand was why offer a takeout Menu but not have the utensils to help them enjoy your food. That would have been our only suggestion for improvement, other than that we hope they do not change anything else. Just writing about the cheesecake causes mouth-watering!


Restaurant Name:

Pasticceria Rocco

Restaurant Address:

243 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014


Polite Service, Fast and Great Cheesecake


No Utensils for Take Out Clients

M4N Final Rating:


Final Thoughts:

We will be going back to this bakery for more Cheesecake next time we’re in NYC.
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