Pat’s VS. Geno’s – Fight For The Original Philly Cheese Steak

Pats genos philly cheese steak


It’s not often that we drive by Philadelphia but when you do, 2 things come to mind. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and a crappy hockey team, sorry we mean the Philly Cheese steak sandwich which is a classic. With a slight detour for supper, we ended up at the cheese steak capital with both Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s facing each other and making our mouths water. We looked at each other and didn’t know where to start. Pat’s is supposedly the original location and was even featured in Rocky. It had the vintage look but we heard the stars went to Geno’s. Geno’s had the lights, the flash and appeal but was it just overcompensating? We figured we would start at Pats and as we wanted the original thing. We never know when the next time we will be in the area and if you’re going to do it right, you have to have to original.

We stretched our legs from the ride into town and got into line at Pat’s. Everything seemed to be rushed when we ordered and didn’t have time to make choices or think of them. We didn’t know what was going on so we ordered one cheese steak sandwich each, then we find out we had to go to a separate window for drinks. This system was confusing but with a solid name and a classic sandwich, they can get away with anything. We got our drink and sandwich which looked awesome. Wrapped in simple wax paper, we took our meal and went sit down on the side of the building. We cheers-ed our sandwiches and dove in, oh what a taste. The cheese steak was so awesome, we couldn’t even talk in-between bites. We enjoyed it so much. We finished the sandwich in about 5 minutes and we were still hungry. The meat was cooked well done and the onions and cheese mixed perfectly. All 3 items just blended so well and we know understood the hype. All the generic rip-offs just couldn’t compete with the real thing. One sandwich finished in a heartbeat, one more to go as we headed over to Geno’s.
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We headed over to the flashy Geno’s for another sandwich and didn’t know what to expect. The first sandwich was really great so this one at Geno’s had to be spectacular. There was no line and the lady at the window was really friendly compared to Pats. The service was great and didn’t feel as rushed as Pat’s did. We noticed this right away and it made us feel comfortable compared to the other joint. We ordered and had our food within minutes. Both locations have perfected their systems and there is no real waiting time. We went sit down and looked at this sandwich trying to figure out what to expect. We started eating it and we knew there was a clear winner now. For the hype, the lights and everything else, the original was just so good. Geno’s was nothing compared to as Pats was just a perfect mix of meat and cheese. Geno’s has the flash but if you want the good one, head over to Pat’s.


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We hit the road pleased with our stop and accomplishment of having the world famous Philly Cheese stake from both locations. There was the clear winner in our hearts and stomachs and it was Pat’s. You would wonder why both these locations are facing each other as the competition must be tough. This part of the city must bring in so many tourists like us wanting to try the classic Philly cheese steak Sandwiches. We would suggest anyone passing by the area to go try them out and get your own opinion on the two. That Sunday though, it was clear we could knock one thing off of our list of things to do with a smile and a full stomach!

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