Ray’s Seafood – Our Winter Seafood Experience

Ray's Seafood

So we knew we were in the area at the wrong time of the year and looking for a seafood joint was probably a bad idea but we did it. The M4N crew was on the road and we decided to pass by the Hampton beaches to see what all the fuss was about. Big houses, nice beaches and nonstop shore line made us so hungry we had to look for a place to eat. As it is winter here, it took us nearly an hour and a stop at a local store to ask for a restaurant that was actually opened. We were directed to Ray’s Seafood and Lobster in Rye, New Hampshire and we couldn’t get there fast enough. Seafood on a beach in winter was the perfect way to end our trip.


We arrived at the restaurant and it was empty. The parking lot was empty and when we walked in, it was quiet. It was almost ghost town quiet in this place but we figured it was all normal. No one visits these places during the winter and we are the only fool around. We were brought to our seats on the 2nd floor and found some other guests as well enjoying a meal. OK so we were not the only ones, thank god! We were seated near the window with a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean. We were excited to get some Seafood in our systems for the long road ahead. The restaurant was a little cold from the wind leaking in but that had to be expected as well. The heavy wood usage in the main dining room also showed how they like to keep the pier look in their restaurant. After a few moments of taking in the sights, the waitress came over and took our drink orders. We started to look at the menu and we really didn’t know where to start. First thing up were appetizers since we were that hungry. All of us ordered something different to get a variety of food on the table. We had a Lobster Roll, Crab Cakes and as well as lobster baked stuffed mushrooms. We really didn’t know what to expect other than some good seafood.


Ray's Seafood Crabcakes

The drinks and appetizers showed up not to long after we ordered them. The Lobster roll was just Lobster meat in a hot dog bun with some chips on the side. That was not what we were expecting really. Paper plates and chips, oh well let’s get to the food and make our judgement by that. The Crab cakes and mushrooms were served in the same paper plates, wow we were right though, the food made up for it. The Crab Cakes were done well and fried up right. You could really taste the crab meat and it wasn’t over whelming. They were served as 2 cakes and they were big. This could almost be a lunch. The Lobster roll was good as well, it had just enough Lobster meat in it to get the taste but we would have preferred it warmed up then cold. Everything else was cold around us so a warm plate is what we were really looking for. In the summer time though, we could see where this would make sense. The mushrooms were good as well, but with all the blended tastes, they were just another serving of stuffed mushrooms. Now onto the main course, if there was any room left of course!


We waited a little bit of time between the appetizers and the main meal. We were even making jokes about watching them go catch it before they served it to us. There was a staff of 3 girls working and the other guests at the restaurant had now left. We were all alone and waiting for the main meal. There was an order of Baked Stuffed Sea Scallops, Seafood Platter and Baked Stuff Lobster. We started to dig in and there weren’t any complaints. The food was good, cooked right and you could taste the seafood in every bite. The paper plates continued which we found weird but we were too busy enjoying the food. The Scallops were really well done and were cooked under a graham cracker topping. Each bite was like heaven in your mouth and the scallops were soft and not rough like we’ve experienced at other restaurants. The meals were awesome and we were satisfied with all the meals. No one left complaining this time around. It was time for the bills and a long road home, why couldn’t we have visited this place during the summer?


rays seafoof baked scallops

This wasn’t franchise seafood so we knew it would be a little more expensive than other seafood joints we’ve been to. Our appetizers were in the $7.00 – $10.00 range while our meals were around $20.00 each. With our drinks, we were looking at about $30.00 each for our meal but we were happy. As we were paying our bills, we also found out that it was the last day the restaurant was opened for the year. The paper plates were all starting to make sense now, not to mention the ghost town of a location as well. We really lucked out finding this place on closing day though and we were happy to have stayed there. We would visit this place in the summer to see exactly what Ray’s Restaurant was really like. For those traveling this way or are in the area, we would suggest having a nice meal at this location. Only when they reopen sometime this spring we assume. Until then, keep re-reading this review and have your mouth-watering nonstop…just like ours!

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