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It’s always been said that no matter what when you visit Montreal you have to stop by Schwartz for a smoked meat sandwich. Now growing up in Montreal is different because it’s always accessible just by cruising up St. Laurent street. You can see the lineup to get in from a block away and you always wonder if the wait is worth it. We had been craving smoked meat for awhile now so we decided to give it try and see what the lineup was like one night. We could picture it in our mind, the sandwich, the taste and even the black cherry cola. Much to our surprise, we arrived to a relative empty restaurant and no line up to get in. It must have been the rain that night but we walked in and got a seat right away, it was almost like luck was on our side.


There was two of us for this lovely meal and only one of us has tried it before while it was a first for the other. We sat down and the waiter behind the bar was friendly and talkative. He asked us if we know what we wanted and we told him no. He suggested the classic, a sandwich with medium meat, some fries, pickle and the black cherry cola. We said sure and within ten minutes, we had our food in front of us. We didn’t know where to start, there was so much meat in the sandwich it was hard to pick up or even attempt to take a bite. We used our forks to take some out of the sandwich and enjoyed it. The meat was cooked well but seem to be missing some spice compared to what we remembered having before. We had also ordered more previously because one sandwich was borderline enough and we had contemplated ordering another sandwich. As for the guy who was never there before, he just didn’t seem to enjoy it as much. He was cutting all the fat off of the sandwich and almost a plate full of it. Now lets be honest, this is one of the best parts of the sandwich but oh well what can you do with people like that. We finished everything, enjoyed that wonderful black cherry cola and sat there debating to order more or not.
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We sat there for about 10 minutes before anyone would look at us and give us our bill. Any longer of a wait and it almost became free. We choose not to order another sandwich as it just didn’t taste the same as before and one more sandwich might have been too much. Our bills were just over 15$ each and for the amount of food we had, it could almost be considered expensive It’s almost like your are paying for the name and not the food. Our last experience there might make us consider other locations first before Schwartz next time we want smoked meat. It was decent don’t get us wrong, but it just didn’t seem like the Schwartz we remembered. The tourist might find it great, locals can look around! We suggest trying Schwartz for your first smoked meat sandwich but then start looking for alternatives in Montreal to compare which one you like better.

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