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The Sizzler Orlando Florida

One thing about going on vacation is the restaurants and food you eat at. Well after so many days of eating all that food you just want something normal and the Sizzler was that place. The Sizzler isn’t anything fancy but its regular food and at a decent price. It was years a since we’ve had meal at the Sizzler so we decided to go ahead and remember what it was all about, the years really made it blurry for us apparently. The place is a franchise chain but we might have figured out why it really hasn’t expanded yet.


As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you can feel the unique aspects of this restaurant chain. The menus are displayed on the walls, you really don’t get much time to decided what you want as you walk in you place your order. We thought at first that this was just a sample of the menu but the next turn proves the walls right. The cashier is there ready to ask you what you would like. They have a variety of menu options which is nice though so no matter what you’re in the mood for they have it. The menu varies from Burgers to Seafood and Steak. One thing the Sizzler is known for is their salad buffet that comes with your meal. You have the option to have it alone or it comes included in your meal. The price different is really minimal though, it worked out to be $4.00 more for a meal with the buffet. We ordered a burger, with a soda and in total are meal was just over $10.00.


We took our ticket and went to our table to eat. One nice thing about the Sizzler is the fact that they had free Wi-Fi. Apparently not too many places offer this yet in Orlando as we had a hard time finding some local hot spots. This helped pass the time while we waited for our food. Once we caught up with facebook, we took a lap around the salad bar to see what they had to eat. They have all your normal salad bar placements but then there are the extras. There are different styles of pizza as well as a taco bar where you can make your own tacos with different fixtures. They also have some meat which you can cut up and eat. This is why people just order the salad bar, it’s more than your average salad bar. We had a little bit of everything and sat down to play on our phone and eat. The salad bar was actually pretty decent and it helped fill us up while we waited for our main meal.


After about 15 minutes of waiting and picking at the salad bar, our meal came. We tried one of their burgers as it is pretty hard to mess one of those up, trust us we know. The burger was actually really good and tasty. We had to remove the onions from the burger as the flavor was just too overwhelming. The burger was thick and juicy and the fries were decent as well. The meal was good and the salad bar was even better. The only problem with the meal was the drink, we ordered a soda but you could have fooled us with water and food coloring. The only other thing that stood out to us was the fact that the waitress just didn’t seem too happy. There was one point in our meal where we were looking around when she cut off a customer with a tray full of food, now if they would have connected, we would have been laughing.


So we left the restaurant full but really thirsty to be honest. The Sizzler was a great restaurant but if they continue to be like the experience we had, they won’t be along for too much longer. The restaurant was a ghost town when we were there and it was prime supper time. Sure there are a lot great restaurants around the area but this is no reason why it should be empty. We enjoyed the restaurant but with some minor tweaks it could be livid again. Maybe people should give it a try again and see why they were such a hit at one point.
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