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Warren 77 sports Bar


One place to visit on any trip to the big apple is to visit Warren 77 for dinner and some drinks. We heard about this restaurant as NHL Badboy Sean Avery is involved with this high end sports bar and being a Ranger fan, was a must stop for us. After a day of sightseeing around the city, we walked to Warren St. for dinner and we were not sure what to expect from this location. We looked ahead to see what the menu had to offer and the menu looked like it was all bar food. It seemed like we were going into a typical pub restaurant but it wasn’t franchise and was something new while we were in NYC. When we arrived, we had to take a step back to take it all in and make sure we were at the right location. Our impressions turned around quick!



We walked down Warren St. in the Tribeca district to get to the restaurant from Canal St. and the first thing we noticed was that Warren 77 the restaurant seemed to be located at Warren 79 but we were hungry and didn’t want to look at addresses all night. We didn’t think anything of it but found that ironic. As we were approaching the restaurant doors, we heard screaming and yelling from the windows and it seemed like a guy was leaning back into the window from the restaurant. It looked like a rowdy place, just like your typical sports bar. We were not sure how to take it but we continued to walk inwards towards the door. We entered the doorway and walked up two steps then had to walk through some curtains to get inside the restaurant. That was an interesting twist as you rarely have to do that at other restaurants we’ve been to. We were greeted at the door by a waitress and shown to our seat within seconds of arriving. The atmosphere was a lot different than we expected as it was calm, people were at the bar drinking and others sitting down eating and chatting. The rowdy crew seemed to be within manner and the outside opinion was completely different once we sat down and took in the scene. The waitress came back moments later with clipboards for menus and gave us some time to settle down and relax. The clipboard menu was an interesting choice and was perceived differently within the group. The less sport orientated people did not catch onto the theme right away while the sports fans enjoyed it. No matter what team sport you play, clipboards are a classic symbol of them and giving orders. Now it was time to figure out what our orders were going to be.



We previously looked at the menu before visiting the restaurant so we had an idea of the food they offered. Majority of the items on the menu were easy items and this isn’t a place you go to for a nice steak or seafood. We prepared our orders of the Burrito Grande, Meatball Sub and some Nachos. The Nachos came out roughly 10 minutes after we ordered them and they surprised us. The presentation was different and the chips were not your standard nachos. The nachos were covered in cheese, jalapenos, guacamole and tomatoes. The nachos were filling and tasted great, the only complaint about them was they were a little greasy. The plate was the perfect size for 4 people, they filled everyone up and we were stuff but still ready for the main course. While we were waiting for our meal, we ordered some drinks like you do at a sports bar. You can’t go to an upscale bar without trying a drink and seeing how they prepare and present it. We ordered a Red Velvet drink as well as the Georgia Peach. The Red Velvet was a light champagne with Wild Berry Puree and some lemon juice. It was like sprite added to champagne but there wasn’t much of it. For the price of $12, it just wasn’t enough as we were still thirsty after finishing it. Then the other drink for the night, the Georgia Peach kept us interested. It was on the bitter side as it was a mix of Citrus Vodka, Peach Puree, Lemon juice and Club Soda. This drink had more volume to it and lasted longer as you had to take your time due to the bitterness. The Peach wasn’t sweet but was still a great drink for the evening. At $12 a drink, make sure you find something you enjoy while visiting Warren 77.



While we were watching the TV’s in front of us, our meal came out and within a timely manner. The décor of the restaurant really distracted us as it had dark wood paneling with TV’s mounted on the wall for each booth. Once the food hit the table though, it was go time. The food was well presented and we were now eating in the dark as they lowered the lights while we were waiting for our food. The meals were decent portions and came with either salads or fries. The fries had a light seasoning on them where you could taste it but it was not overbearing. The meatball subs were packed with cheese and sauce and the meatballs were average sizes. As for the burrito, the meat was cooked well as we ordered the beef burrito and it was mixed with rice, beans, cheese and lettuce. The burrito was not long but it was packed enough that it made it the perfect meal size. The meals themselves were not too big but not too small as well, just enough to eat and watch the game. We had our meals and it filled us up and it did not make us feel bloated like we had too much. Overall, the main course impressed us and beat our expectations. You can say Warren 77 won this match!
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We didn’t know what to expect with the restaurant and when we arrived at the location, we were turned off by the loud noise. We wanted to say we visited Sean Avery’s restaurant though and continued on our voyage. We walked inside and it was like a different dimension of the restaurant and the whole sports bar feeling. It was classy, not your typical sports pub and just made an impression on us with its food. This would be the perfect place to meet up with the guys to watch the game or just have a drink to get the week off of you. The average price of the meal was roughly $30.00 including your drink, it might be on the higher end for a night out but it will be worth it! Warren 77 could make it to any championship game in the sports bar competition! Oh and did we mention they have classic arcade game tables you can play?

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